"I was referred to Craig some years ago to attempt to make some sense of my crazy world, Craig travelled to my site and observed and took notes for a day he then went away and prepared a proposal to address my planning, pricing, customer data base, dispatching, reconciling, and the list goes on and on.

To my amazement Craig was able to tame the monster and teach it some manners. Today I have a state of the art online system that even I can use and look like I know what I’m doing. My online shops the Flintstones could use with confidence and business profitability has gone from strength to strength. There isn’t another system in NZ that has the features and user friendliness that mines got and it didn’t cost the earth every cent exceedingly well spent.

Thanks Craig you literally saved my life. "
John Burrill - John's Farmlet Services
"Craig Milne at IT Matrix designed and manages our website for our busy manufacturing plant. When the website needs updating we just make a phone call or email Craig and tell him what we want and it's done usually in 15 minutes. What a fantastic service and very reasonably priced as well. We would highly recommend Craig at IT Matrix to anyone that needs a business website that works. I would say that 95% of our quotes come through our website. Thank you Craig."
The team at Concrete Benchtops
"Many thanks to Craig for my website... Craig is so very easy to deal with... nothing is a problem and he ensures your website is user friendly for the clientele that will be using it... Crisp, clean and easy to use......"
Karen Johnson - Karen Johnson Property Management
"Craig Milne has worked wonders with my web business interface, he has built for me a system that works better than the previous Access data base. The system far out performs the early data base in both speed and flexibility. Fantastic, Craig Milne will be working with our system as we expand our business. We are faster and more accurate, more interactive and totally portable."
Dean Jacobson - Fridgemagnets.co.nz Ltd
"IT Matrix helped us develop our two web sites. With Craig’s help we are now able to keep them updated regularly ourselves and should there be any problem whatsoever Craig is always available to assist. He talks computer ‘lingo’ we can understand which is a great help! I would recommend his services."
Justine Craig - ImpacTauranga
"Craig was very helpful, I found the site easy to understand and he explained things well. He delivered the site on time and I wish him well in his endeavors."
Brian Lankshear - Timbakote Ltd
"I have been working with Craig Milne now for a number of years and I'm sure many more to come. I find Craig is easy to understand and there's no time wasted as he does what is needed. Craig has helped me grow my business and continues to do so. Craig is currently working with me on my website and I look forward to the times ahead."
Colleen Simonsen - Panache Interiors
"Getting our web site built with IT Matrix was really easy. Craig delivered the site fast and for a good price. He talked us through the whole process so we knew exactly what was going on."
Phil Owen - Firecats
"I would happily recommend Craig Milne to all of my work associates and friends. He is easy to work with, extremely thorough and good at his job and has a way of simplifying all that technical jargon.

Craig was able to take our concept of what we wanted to create with a website and make it happen. He is reliable, honest and hardworking. The end result was a well designed, stylish website that worked.

He got back to us quickly whenever we had questions or things to change. I would absolutely use his services again.
Thanks Craig
We wish you every success"
Vanessa Davey - Business Owner