About Us

Craig Milne
Director Craig Milne was born in Rotorua and moved to Tauranga in 2001. After thirteen years working in the timber industry, specifically as a team leader and maintenance engineer operating finger jointing machines, he decided to turn his lifelong passion for computers into a career.

Enrolling in the Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic, he first completed a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology Level 5, with merit. He went on to earn a Bachelor Of Computing Systems degree, graduating top of his class. Since graduating, he formed IT Matrix in late 2005 and has since specialised in PHP/MySQL web development. System analysis and design, and database development are also an important part of Craig's skill set.

Craig's work history allows him to communicate easily with all levels of employees within an organisation, from workers on the 'shop floor' through to upper management. He has found this is to his advantage when designing and building software systems, as the perception of system requirements and functionality can differ greatly between management and those who will be actually using the system to perform their daily tasks.

IT Matrix specialises in web applications (software applications that are run from the Internet in a web browser). One of the best features of web applications are their ability to connect with other online services. Some of these services that we have integrated with our websites/web applications include:
  • Xero (import/export and management of customers and invoices)
  • Navman (sending delivery and location details to Navman units, receiving delivery outcome messages)
  • Payment Express (online payment gateway)
  • Web to SMS (sending and receiving information from a web application using mobile phone text messages)
  • Gmail and Google Calendar (receiving, sending and managing emails and calendar events)
  • MailChimp (management and synchronisation of customer/recipient lists)
  • Counter Intelligence POS (automated import of products from a point of sale system to be shown on a website)
  • Palace Property Management Software (import of property information and photos to be shown on a website)
  • Console Property Management Software (import of property information and photos to be shown on a website)
  • PayPal (online payment gateway)
  • QuickBooks (import and export of customer and invoice/statement data)
  • Simple Machines Forums (an excellent open-source bulletin board system)
  • osCommerce (an open-source online shop system)
  • WordPress (a popular open-source Content Management System)